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A Few Words from Owner, Matt Albert...

My cookie bars are made in small batches in the heart of the Berkshires and I am extremely passionate about my Purple Duck Baking. I am truly dedicated to producing the most delicious tasting, gluten-free cookie bars available anywhere.

I promise to provide you with a high-quality, beneficial treat using ingredients that are organic and as close to whole food as possible. By using the lowest glycemic sugars, this gives my cookie bars a more food-like quality with no sugar highs, lows or headaches. They are just sweet enough for everyone's different tastes.

Organic means no hormones, antibiotics, GMO's, insecticides, pesticides or herbicides. This makes for a healthier YOU, and a healthier Earth. Supporting organic farming is my way of making the world a better place. You will never find hydrogenated oils, refined sugars or artificial flavors in my gluten-free cookie bars.

But the best part is the TASTE! I have had people of all ages, gluten-free or not, say they love my cookie bars and how moist and flavorful they are. Try one - or all four kinds - and you'll be hooked.

Thanks! Have a great day.
Matt Albert, Owner

What Our Customers Are Saying!

Purple Duck Baking

They were amazing! I shared them with my colleagues too and we love the new Ginger Coconut flavor. Matt's cookies never disappoints.
Amanda M.

The problem is deciding which is the best. And the choice is quite difficult. Matt, they are deelish! Best of luck with them.
Elaine S.

Your cookie bars are AMAZING and I love that they are organic. The one thing I've noticed in particular is that you do not feel a "sweet rush" when you eat them, so I feel extra good about giving them to our daughter as a special treat.

Kathy R.

I have tried many gluten free cookies and desserts but Purple Duck Baking surpass any I have tried. The perfect combination of sweetness and healthy ingredients, that make the perfect dessert.
Tracey C.

I never write reviews for products, but that cookie bar was the best gluten free thing I've ever had, and I even worked at a gluten free bakery! I'll definitely be buying more at River Valley Market in Northampton! Thank you!
Katie B.

Dear Matt,
I met you and your friend today at the Farmer's Market inquired about ingredients. You were right, the Woodstock peanut butter was most delicious in the bar that I bought. Truly, it was so very delicious and just the right peanut butter taste. Thank you very much and I'm delighted to know about your bars and where to buy them. All the best success to you in your venture!
Rosemary M.

Love the Triple Chocolate. It has triple chocolate, enough said.
Simon M.

I love it when Matt brings me cookies!! I have been waiting to buy some so I can give them to my friends. They are so yummy!! I believe the world needs Matt’s Cookies.
Lani N.

These cookies are amazing! I love the Chocolate Chunk. I would never guess that they are gluten free. Good job!
Leah S.

Love the flavor and texture of all the cookies, my favorite was the Chunk. Keep on baking Matt.
Scott W.

Excellent cookies, I’m not gluten intolerant but these are better than cookies with gluten in them! I didn’t realize it until I read the package

Love the Chocolate Chunk, I could eat them all day! Triple Chocolate is so, so good.
Elise S.

Finally! A cookie I can feel good about eating. Thanks for making a snack worth snacking on!
Sarah M.

Best gluten free cookie I have had. I don’t miss the regular ones.
Paulene B.

If you would like more information on buying or selling Purple Duck Baking, please call Matt at
(413) 446-6694.


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